Marketing Due Diligence across Europe for an Acquisition

Marketing Due Diligence across Europe for an Acquisition

The Challenge

A leading medical device and capital equipment company wished to make a strategic acquisition in cardiology. This was a new market for them and details of the market opportunity were required for due diligence; to ensure the acquisition was financially justifiable.

The Analysis

A detailed market research exercise was carried out to in all major EU markets. This was to determine the market size, competition, segmentation, market pricing and dynamics in cardiology products for each country. Primary research was carried out, as there was little market information.

The Strategy

Marketing plans, including detailed forecasts were prepared for each major EU country and for Europe as a whole.

The Result

The acquisition proceeded and the forecasts were used to help determine the market and company value. As a result of the detailed competitor analysis a decision was made to accelerate development on some newer models, rather than launch the whole existing range across the EU.