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The Need for Specialist Consultants

Patient groups and charities play a very important role in the healthcare and welfare of patients, the general public and their carers and families. Some have become very sophisticated and are well funded. Others are smaller with volunteers.

Whether large or small, patients groups need to put their cases to Government, the NHS, NICE and other influential bodies. They need to understand diseases, medical research and their treatments, PbR tariffs and reimbursement, changes in Government and NHS policy and how patients access treatments in order to help others.

They need to be able to use and work with the press and media effectively and where relevant, work ethically with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Our expertise spans all patients groups needs, whether they be very large projects such as a NICE appraisal or a smaller project.  We work in and with patient groups.

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What We Do

  • Political lobbying and campaigning - evidence and access to decision makers
  • FOI surveys - design, management, analysis, report writing, communication
  • Policy change insights - board reviews, strategy reviews, training
  • Business planning and planning workshops
  • NICE Appraisals and Reviews - process management, clinical evidence assessment
  • Raising your profile - for organisations and issues
  • Communications and promotional plans
  • Web site design and implementation
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Ethical Partnerships with companies

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Clients and Organisations

  • FEmISA – Fibroid Embolisation: Information, Support and Advice
  • Oxford PCT Patient Forum
  • Oxford Ambulance Service Patient Forum
  • Medical Technology Group - ABHI
  • Oxfordshire Family Support Network

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Case Studies

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Other Services

In addition to our network of expertise we also work with epidemiologist, survey experts, NHS commissioners, health economists and clinical experts and medical companies operating in the same area.