Launch Plans for an Optical Laser Business

Launch Plans for an Optical Laser Business

The Challenge

An entrepreneur wanted to set up a chain of high street laser eye clinics to treat short-sightedness and astigmatism, so glasses were no longer required. He did not have any experience in the medical market and needed advice and a business launch plan.

The Analysis

Research was carried out on the market, disease and opportunity. Primary research was carried out using a focus group of short-sighted people to gain their views as to their concerns and perceived benefits.

The Strategy

A launch strategy was developed for the chain of laser eye clinics. The clinical safety was shown to be a prime concern to people considering the treatment. The strategy included a strong clinical and ethical input and a lot of patient information.

The Result

The company now has 20 clinics offering laser eye treatment and has performed over 250,000 laser eye treatments. The number of clinics and types of treatment continues to expand.